Thomas Creek celebrates 1st anniversary of Cask Night


Greenville’s Thomas Creek celebrated the 1st anniversary of its monthly Cask Night on Tuesday, opening the brewery’s doors and giving patrons the chance to sample three of the brewery’s beers blended with a variety of ingredients.

And if Tuesday’s party was any indication, the monthly event won’t be losing steam any time soon.

Starting in February 2012 and held once a month since, Cask Night allows the brewery to put a little twist on it’s already solid selection of beers. They’ve mixed their Octoberfest with toasted pecans, their Pump House Porter with bourbon-soaked oak chips, their Coffee Oatmeal Stout with hazelnuts and so on. But for Tuesday’s anniversary, three of the most popular casks from the past year were brought out again:

  • Deep Water Dopplebock with cocao nibs, cherries and vanilla, a mix that started with smooth, rich chocolate and vanilla notes at first but warmed into a sweet but tart taste;
  • Up the Creek Extreme IPA with Granny Smith apples and cinnamon sticks, my personal favorite of the night and a mix that was  a perfect blend of tart and spice; and
  • Class 5 IPA with lime zest, an interesting take on a citrus-forward IPA that left a lot of people puckering.


All of these were tapped just a few days after two completely different casks were sampled at Brewvival. There, TC took the Dopplebock and mixed it with Fig Newtons and ‘Nilla Wafers, and also blended Up the Creek with black cherries and pink peppercorns. Having sampled all five casks – multiple times – it’s clear TC has an taste for what works.

You don’t have to take my word for it either. You can ask the 330-plus people who showed up to the brewery on Tuesday. That was the final count and more than double what the brewery gets on a given cask night.


This was my first visit to the brewery and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with what they’ve got going on in the Upstate. It’s clear from Tuesday the brewery is seeing increased success and has a strong, growing fan base. Which is good, because I have it on good authority you’ll be seeing a lot more of Thomas Creek in the months and years to come.


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