Jester King hits SC


One of the surprise announcements regarding this weekend’s Brewvival was that Jester King, the Austin-based saison and wild ale brewery, would be have quite a sizable amount of beers on tap. The brewery had popped up here and there in neighboring Georgia, and the fact they’d be at Brewvival begged the question: Could they begin showing up more in the Palmetto State?

That question was answered Thursday evening when the Charleston Beer Exchange posted the photo above, with a note that the brewery was now part of the SC market.

No indication yet as to when (or if) other parts of the state would/will see Jester King beers on shelves, but for the time being, CBX has the following in stock.

You can sample Le Petit Prince, El Cedro, Das Wunderkind!, Funk Metal, RU-55, Boxer’s Revenge at Brewvival on Saturday.



2 thoughts on “Jester King hits SC

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