SC Pint Bill introduced


Here we go, folks.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, HB. 3554 – South Carolina’s so-called pint bill – was introduced in the S.C. House of Representatives. The bill updates the language of the state’s current beer laws that regulate how much you can drink on premises and how much you can take home with you.

As written, the law allows an individual to drink four four-ounce samples of beer at a given brewery in a given day, and samples must be sold in conjunction with a tour. Breweries can sell up to 288 oz. of beer per person per day for at-home consumption.

What the new language does is alter how much you can drink at a brewery. If passed, the new law would allow for a maximum of 64 oz. of beer consumed on site, meaning that breweries could sell you up to four 16-ounce per day. That total could also come from samples. Brewers still have to pay all applicable excise taxes and must sell the beer for what you’d usually pay at a bar.

There are a lot of other details that go into the beer, and Beer of SC’s Brook Bristow – a good friend and the Greenville-based attorney who drafted the legislation – has done an excellent job of breaking down the legalese of the law and detailing what you can do to help it pass.

You can read the full text of the bill here. Now, go and call your legislator and let’s get this passed.