Dogfish Head Pangaea

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Milton, DE

Pangaea Belgian Pale Ale

7% ABV

And again we go back to Dogfish Head, this time for one that’s been around a while, but I’ve never gotten to try.

Pangaea is a Belgian pale ale originally designed to be a way to unite people during the holidays as one would unite the continents before they shifted into the world as we know it. And of course, with it being Dogfish, there’s nothing simple about this beer.

The beer is brewed with an ingredient taken from each contient, including: Australian crystalized ginger; Asian basmati rice; Africa muscavado sugar; South American quinoa; European yeast; North American maize; and – my favorite – water from Antarctica. Again, another mouthful of ingredients.

(Note: The particular bottle I had was bottled in 2010 and has been in my cellar for about a year. Results may vary if you find a younger batch.)

The beer pours a really nice deep orange, almost brown in color. There’s a slight haziness to it which fades as it warms. Topped with a finger of bubbly head. Not much lacing but some surprisingly strong alcohol legs.

Ginger’s the first big thing on the nose, and that’s backed with a musty sweetness and a big bread quality. The mustiness is a bit off-putting, but the honey does an interesting job of balancing it. The grains definitely give it kind of a fresh-baked bread quality. Overall, it’s a big, thick, funky and bready beer.

The honey and ginger are the first tastes that really pop on the tongue. There’s a nice medium body along with some slight carbonation. As it settles on the back, it’s as if eating a spoonful of honey. Very thick and syrupy sweetness with a bit of caramel to it. A slight hop bite as well. That big bread note is very present as it warms and pops up on the end, lingering along with the sweeter flavors. Big grain quality and big rich somewhat cloying sweetness are what’s the most noticeable.

While not one of my favorite Dogfish beers, Pangaea again sticks with the trend of who-the-hell-thought-of-this style with interesting, unique and generally tasty results. The bread characteristic and sweetness are a nice touch, and the ginger definitely adds a pop to it. 


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