Dogfish Head and Stone Saison du BUFF

Stone Brewing Co. – San Diego, CA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Milton, DE

Saison Du BUFF

7.7% ABV and 6.8% ABV, respectively

My recent beer-related journeys have helped me procure the Stone and Dogfish Head batches of Saison Du BUFF, thus completing the collection. I was really impressed with the batch brewed at Victory and expected nothing less from the other two variations. They were all equally as good, but as I mentioned in my previous review, each had their own small twist which helped them stand out.

Both variations have the same crystal clear pour, with a deep orange color and yellowish tints around the edge. There was only about a finger of head on the top with tight white bubble on the DHF batch, but Stone’s had a much larger head. Both dissipated fairly quickly. The lacing falls off fast but alcohol legs are surprisingly strong.

Dogfish’s had an incredibly sweet yeasty nose. There was a rich, bready sweetness with that fistful of herbs also very present. that saison funk is there, too, but it’s coated in this really rich, sweeter note.

Stone’s, on the other hand, was very funk-forward with a much more present herbal note. The spices are a bit more subdued as well. Not as sweet as Dogfish’s and not as spicy as Victory’s.

The taste on the Dogfish batch was sweeter compared with Victory’s offering. The yeast was very noticeable but the herbal notes were still very strong on the front of the tongue and back of the throat. But between those is this really smooth, full-bodied beady sweetness. Big notes of juicy melon and a slight funkiness were also present. Not as spicy as Victory’s either.

On Stone’s – as I would expect – the hops were very present on the front, but not in an unbalancing way. The funk is also very forward as it was on nose. You still get that bouquet of herbs on the back, and it all still settles nicely.

While it might just be my mind playing tricks on me, I really did get some variation on each batch depending on the brewery it came from. Stone’s was hoppy, Dogfish’s was sweeter and Victory’s leaned heavily on the herbs. I wish I had the chance to try them all side-by-side-by-side, but giving the palate time to settle between batches is a good way to see the intricacies of each.


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