Three Floyds Dreadnaught

Three Floyds Brewing Co.

Munster, IN

Dreadnaught Imperial IPA

9.5% ABV

Saturday was Three Floyds’ annual Dark Lord Day, the day beer geek and imperial stout fans from across the country (and world?) descend on Munster, IN, for one of the country’s most sought-after beers.

But with me being hundreds of miles away and with no desire to brave the crowds, I decided to enjoy some of the brewery’s other offerings I obtained through a recent trade. On top of the bottle of Zombie Dust I recently had, I’ve continued making my way through FFF’s hoppier offerings, starting with Dreadnaught.

The hops off this thing hit your nostrils as soon as you pop the cap. There’s a slight haziness to the sunset orange color and about a finger of a tight bubbly head. Little lacing, but the alcohol legs are crazy for only a 9% beer. 

Great peach and mango notes on the nose. A slight pine from the hops and a touch of grass. There’s definitely a malt note present, and I got a slight woodiness off it as well.

There’s little to no hop bite on the front, but a wave of crazy rich flavors come bursting through in the middle of the palate. Pineapple, mango, peach are all in there. I got a slight hop burn with a really strong malt backbone, but it doesn’t damped the IPA-ness of it. Grapefruit and pine come through more on the back, as does a really dry finish.

Damn, you guys in the Midwest can make some good beer.


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