Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Milton, DE

75 Minute IPA

7.5% ABV

Back to Dogfish Head for their newest release. Previously available only at their pub and tap houses, 75 Minute IPA is a blend of their staple 60 and 90 Minute IPAs – both of which are some of my favorites – dry hopped with Cascade and bottle conditioned with maple syrup. There’s nothing about this beer that doesn’t sound amazing.

It pours a hazy light copper color. You can almost see through it, but still a slight bit of a haze. There’s an absolutely insane amount of head on top due to the bottle conditioning. It’s About 4-5 fingers worth and it sticks around. Awesome lacing, too.

Hops are prominent on the nose, but kind of glazed over by the maple syrup. It gives off a really mellow sweetness. It makes the hops a bit more resinous smelling. Good bit of tropical fruits from the hops. Peach, papaya, a little pineapple.

There’s a light hop bitterness on the front of the tongue. The carbonation scrubs the palate pretty well, expected for bottle conditioning. The maple sweetness kicks in pretty prominent toward the back. The bitterness comes through a bit too on the way back and lingers. The maple syrup definitely becomes more prominent as it warms. While there’s a good bit of malt in 60 and 90 Minute to balance the continual hopping, this has more of a pronounced sweetness than that bready maltiness.

This is an incredibly well-balanced beer. The sweetness and hoppiness work together so well and blend to form a really drinkable and enjoyable beer. DHF says its cellarable, but the dry hopping is something to be enjoyed fresh. It’s pretty sought after, so grab a bottle or two if you see it.


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