Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s

Oskar Blues Brewery

Lyons, CO

Deviant Dale’s India Pale Ale

8.0% ABV

As I’ve said before, I’m first and foremost a hop head, and the more piney, mouth-stinging bitterness I get from an IPA or pale ale, the better. So it should come as no surprise that Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale is one of my favorite beers. It’s light and refreshing, but bitter and biting. Plus, since it comes in a can, you can take it anywhere. What’s not to like?

So of course I was excited to find out OB would be making an IPA version of their perfect pale ale, and in a tallboy at that. It worked well for SweetWater with their IPA version of 420, so I had faith DD (heh) would turn out just as good.

The pour is a deep amber color, almost opaque but with a little bit of haze. There’s a thick, bubbly head on the top with a lot of carbonation coming off glass.

On the nose is this incredible pine smell with a little bit of a fruit scent at well You get those classic hints of grapefruit and citrus, with that bite from the pine. A really great, classic example of the style.

On the front of the tongue is a slight bitterness, but then this really smooth and rich taste coats your mouth. It’s like biting into a really fresh, juicy fruit. Again, there are those classic tropical fruit tastes you’d expect: papaya, pineapple, peach, orange, etc. On the back is a bitter, very juicy and hoppy taste that sticks to back of tongue and cheeks. As the flavors fade away, the bitterness really sticks around. The best way to describe it was like eating pine needles. (Appetizing, I know.) It’s not a dry, off-putting taste, but this really mellow kind of bitterness that just doesn’t go away. And yes, that’s a good thing.


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