21st Amendment Bitter American

21st Amendment Brewing

San Francisco, CA

Bitter American Extra Pale Ale

4.4% ABV

Being in South Carolina, 21st Amendment is just out of our reach for us beer geeks. (Georgia is the only state they distribute to in the Southeast.) So when the opportunity arises to try one of their delicious brews, I hop – no pun intended – at the chance.

I had the chance to try Back in Black and Brew Free or Die on a recent trip to the Northeast, where I also picked up a 6-pack of Hell or High Watermelon. And thanks to my friend and current ATL resident Josh, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Fireside Chat and Allies Win the War. (Sadly, Hop Crisis has escaped my lips until next season.) But one of 21st’s most easily-accessible beers – Bitter American – eluded me until this past weekend.

Following the revelry at the SweetWater 15th anniversary party (see my previous post), we made our way over to Decatur and stopped off at Twain’s for dinner. Before I dove into their brews – and in an effort to start off easy – I opted for Bitter American.

The can poured a straw orange color with a really thick head that dissipated pretty quickly. The nose was very crisp and hoppy, which followed through on the taste. It’s a session beer, so it was very light and effervescent, with a good hop bite and a nice, light malt backbone. At 4.4%, I expected the hops to be much lighter than they actually were. It reminded me of a lighter version of the homebrew I just made, which also included Cascade and Centennial hops. (Also, Simcoe FTW.)

Note: I did drink it after the brewery party and 7+ hours of drinking very rich, flavorful brews, so my palate was probably not at its peak.

All in all, a solid session beer, and another winner from 21st Amendment. Now, get your cans – literally and figuratively – into South Carolina already.


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