So, here’s the deal …

Beer has become a passion of mine during the past few years, as it has for a lot of other people. It goes beyond just coming home after a day at work and cracking open a cold one. It’s knowing that what I’m drinking was labored over and perfected, crafted carefully by people who really love their jobs. It’s knowing that someone really put all their heart into something. It’s more appreciation for it than pure enjoyment.

More than that, I really like talking about beer with people and sharing my thoughts in hopes of introducing someone to something new. Having people show passion and true interest in it was what got me into craft beer in the first place, and its what’s helped me introduce people to their new favorite beers. 

So there’s this – Another beer blog. I’m not aiming to be different. I’m not aiming to be special. I’m just looking for an outlet to share my thoughts and, hopefully, spark your interest.

I decided to start it because of today’s event: the 15th anniversary party for SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta, GA. They’re the reason I’m into craft beer today, but I’ll get into that more in the post about today’s event.

Stay safe, drink good beer, and thanks for reading.


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