Thomas Creek hosts Honor Flight fundraiser Thursday


The Honor Flight program is a nationwide service that regularly takes World War II and other veterans from wherever they are in the US to Washington, D.C., to visit their respective memorials and experience the Nation’s Capital, whether its their first or hundredth time. With some 600-plus WWII vets dying every day, the program is designed to give them one last display of gratitude for their service.

This Thursday, April 24, Thomas Creek is hosting a fundraiser to support a local chapter of the Honor Flight program.

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On Stone in SC


When it comes to Stone Brewing Co.’s move from the Left Coast, my opinion is one I’ve kept quite some time now, but one I can’t seem to shake or change no matter what angle I approach the issue from. Maybe it’s because I haven’t wanted to go against the grain with so many friends and professionals in the industry. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want to seem as if I was putting down one of my favorite breweries or working against the economic interests of the state. It could be a whole host of reasons.

But as time has progressed and the issue has grown in prominence, I keep coming back to the same opinion: At this point in time, I would rather not have Stone – or any large brewery – pick the Palmetto State as the home for its new satellite brewery.

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